Fire columns BVG2 - HR Coating (op=op)
45 kg

• Products are delivered un-rusted 
• Products must be unpacked immediately after delivery so any moisture between the packaging and the product is not sealed. This can cause irregular rust and stains.  

• Very strong and wear-resistant 
• Dubble walled 
• Sleek and timeless design 
• Weatherproof and durable material 
• Warm and natural appearance 
• 5 year warranty

Heating advice: 
• Start with firelighters with small pieces of dry wood placed on top 
• Use small pieces of dry wood to slowly heat the fireplace and smoke flue. Once the fire is burning clearly, you can slowly increase the fire (use max. 1,5 kg dry wood per time). 

Remove the ash after use and clean the flue pipe once a year. 

with 2 wheels to make it easy to move the product