Panel Abstract CPA7 (1pc) (op=op)
38 kg

Our panels can be used as a windbreak or to create a private corner in a garden. These panels are also striking works of art. We have a variety of beautiful designs, such as panels with motifs inspired by abstract shapes. They add an interesting extra dimension to a garden when set in lush greenery.

Corten steel panels give gardens a bold, warm look, thanks to the orange-brown patina on the metal. This patina is formed by a natural layer of rust. Another name for corten steel is weathering steel: weather conditions have a positive effect on these corten steel panels.

Corten steel is a metal alloy made by adding copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium to iron. When exposed to air, the material forms a protective layer of rust. This natural coating prevents further corrosion so the panels will last for many years.


  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Corten steel panels are very robust, hard-wearing, weatherproof, low-maintenance and durable.
  • The corten steel has a standard thickness of 2 mm.
  • Double-folded sides provide stability and an attractive finish.
  • Multiple mounting options: fix to the ground or attach to posts or walls.
  • Easy-to-access fasteners make installation simple.
  • Products are delivered without rust. The corten steel rusting process takes about 4-5 months, depending on weather conditions.
  • The rust can be fixed by applying Owatrol. This is a penetrating rust inhibitor that forms a protective anti-rust coating. Owatrol protects the planter and stops the rust on corten steel flaking off.
  • Products should be unpacked immediately upon receipt to release any moisture trapped inside the packaging. If the product is left in its packaging, it may develop uneven rust patches.
  • We do not recommend using corten steel within 2 km of a coastline.
  • The weathering process may cause rust run-off.
  • We strongly recommend against drilling in or grinding the metal.
  • Clean annually by hosing off dirt with clean tap water.


  • We also supply T-shaped posts for installing and connecting panels.