Panel Abstract APA5 (1pc) (op=op)
16 kg

Our panels can be used as a windbreak or to create a private corner in a garden. These panels are also striking works of art. We have a variety of beautiful designs, such as panels with motifs inspired by abstract shapes. They add an interesting extra dimension to a garden when set in lush greenery.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant: The panels can withstand freezing temperatures and other weather conditions without damage, so you can enjoy this product for many years. The aluminium panel is available in several colours.

Once constructed, the aluminium panel is given several finishing treatments. The metal is roughened to allow better adhesion of the powder coating. This powder coating is available in a variety of colours and is applied with a strong adhesive primer. Finally, the aluminium is finished with a hard topcoat. This ensures that our panels are scratch resistant.


  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Aluminium panels are very robust, hard-wearing, resistant to corrosion and durable.
  • The aluminium has a thickness of 3 mm.
  • Double-folded sides provide stability and an attractive finish.
  • Multiple mounting options: fix to the ground or attach to posts or walls.
  • Easy-to-access fasteners make installation simple.
  • Scratch-resistant topcoat.
  • Standard RAL colours are RAL 7016, RAL 7021, RAL 9005 and RAL 9016. There is a start-up charge for other colours. 
  • We also supply professional maintenance products.
  • Products should be unpacked immediately upon receipt to release any moisture trapped inside the packaging. This moisture can cause stains that are difficult to remove.
  • The guarantee expires if you drill or grind in a way that is not specified.
  • Clean annually by hosing off dirt with clean tap water, followed by cleaning with detergent. Do not use a pressure washer and/or scouring pad. This damages the coating.


  • We also supply T-shaped posts for installing and connecting panels.